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At its most simplistic form, food satisfies a basic need. But food is so much more than just a need. Food is love. Food is an outlet for personal expression. Food is our way to reconnect with family. To us, food — and beverages — can and should always mean more.

As a food marketing agency, we believe food and beverage brands have the power to play important roles in people's lives — and our food branding and marketing expertise helps brands in these categories stand out.

Cultivating a new produce brand.

From naming and logo development to website design and social media strategy, Meyocks provided fresh thinking to develop, position and launch a new fresh produce brand.

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Hy-vee Beef

Hy-Vee Belief in Better Beef

Helping a brand steak its claim.

Wanting to remind consumers about the quality of Hy-Vee beef, Meyocks cooked up some creative executions that had everyone asking for seconds.

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Topco Cornershop Cuts

Topco Cornershop Cuts

Serving up a new premium deli brand.

From creating a brand identity to website development, and package design to social media strategy, Meyocks delivered an authentic brand any way you slice it.

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Food Marketing Trends

Food Marketing Trends

Make Your Food Brand More Meaningful to Customers

Meyocks surveyed consumers to gain insight into their beliefs about the value of food brands providing mentorship. Their responses indicate clear agreement that food brands should be engaging in mentor activities — and make a strong argument for the differentiating value of mentor branding.

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Hy Vee take and bake pizzas

Hy-Vee Take and Bake Pizzas

Copper Cross Beverage Marketing Example

Copper Cross

From concept to first sip.

Using our beverage marketing expertise, Meyocks developed the product concept, package design and website for Copper Cross — a hybrid whiskey that combines bourbon and rye to yield something delicious and different. We call that something “hybrid vigor,” the superior result that comes from bringing two great things together.

Spring Sunrise Ghee Food Package Design Example

Spring Sunrise Ghee

Butter on a mission.

As a food branding agency, our expertise in both brand positioning and food package design helped to not only launch a new logo, package design and tagline for Spring Sunrise Ghee, but also positioned them as the go-to organic, small-batch food brand for people who want to nourish their mind, body and spirit.

Want help discovering insights for your food and beverage marketing?

What can your food or beverage brand do or say to mean more in the marketplace? The Marketing Insights Tool helps you identify cultural and consumer insights to develop your next big marketing idea.

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Hy-Vee Take & Bake Food Branding Example

Hy-Vee Homegrown

Connecting Local growers to local shoppers.

You may not expect a regional supermarket with 240 stores to have established relationships with local growers and producers, but Hy-Vee is all about defying expectations. With our focus on food marketing and branding, see how Meyocks helped highlight their quality produce and their true connection to producers and growers with a “homegrown” campaign.

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As a food branding and marketing agency, we understand how consumers relate to food and beverage brands. From brand strategy to customer journeys, public relations to package design, we apply our full range of skills to help food brands improve brand awareness, increase market share and build customer loyalty.

Hy-Vee That's Smart Food Branding Example

That's Smart!

A refreshed package design refreshes sales.

More recognizability = more sales. See how a modern, fresh food package design for a value line turned heads and a profit.

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Foundry Distilling Bottles

Flying Dutchman Spirits

Pivoting to increase online sales during a global pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit, Flying Dutchman Spirits was forced to rely solely on their online sales. They turned to Meyocks to help attract website visitors, improve user experience, and increase site conversions. We are proud to raise a glass to doubling sales.

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Foundry Distilling Company Branding Example

Foundry Distilling Company

Helping a new distillery make its mark.

Along with our food and beverage marketing expertise, we pulled design inspiration from Foundry Distilling Company’s location in a historic old Rock Island Railroad car barn to put this client on the fast track to a successful launch.

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Hy-Vee One Step Food Marketing Example

Hy-Vee One Step

Making a food brand made to mean more.

Hy-Vee turned to us to help them present their customers with a meaningful way to help others. See how the work we created for Hy-Vee One Step is playing a role in making the world a better place.

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The food and beverage clients who trust us to help them mean more.

Food Marketing FAQs

Meyocks conducted a national survey of 1,523 Americans to find out what shoppers expect from the brands they choose. We found that consumers are looking for food brands to add value to the lives of their customers beyond just the products they offer. Read more about our findings and other trends in food marketing in our survey report.

Developing a successful food marketing strategy starts with defining your brand’s place in the market and what sets it apart from its competitors. Once you've honed in on your brand’s beliefs and benefits, it’s easy to identify your target customer and flesh out a strategy that reaches consumers across the marketing funnel. Find more resources for food brands at all stages of their marketing journey.

In our experience, innovation is vital to adaptation. We helped Flying Dutchman Spirits create innovative new ways to reach their customers digitally and drive conversions, despite COVID-19 restrictions. We’ve also helped Hy-Vee's value product line, That’s Smart, adapt to growing competition in the supermarket aisles with a complete brand refresh.

Food and beverage brands don’t need a Wendy’s-scale social media strategy to make their mark in the digital landscape. That's why we offer sustainable digital marketing solutions for food brands including website development, SEO and SEM, content strategy and creation, paid and organic social media, and beyond.

When it comes to finding an agency partner to help your brand grow, proven expertise in the food and beverage industry is key. In addition, longevity of client relationships demonstrates an agency that’s successful in addressing changing market needs. At Meyocks, we have long-standing relationships with our food and beverage partners and make it our promise to help your brand mean more.

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