Given changes in consumer expectations, it's important to consider new ways to position and evaluate your brand.

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Mentor Branding

See if your brand has mentor potential.

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AgDirect Agriculture Branding Example

Mean More Score

Take a moment to discover your brand’s relevance to your customers.

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AgDirect Agriculture Branding Example

Brand Typology Tool

Assess the dimensions that determine your brand’s marketplace meaning.

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Mentor Branding

Mentor branding represents a new opportunity for brands to separate from the pack by exhibiting mentor characteristics.


Mentor Branding Survey Results

Learn why consumers gravitate towards mentor branding, and what they have to say about brands that bring a mentor mindset to the marketplace.

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Mentor branding can include inspiring customers to make their lives better, providing value-added information that enhances their knowledge, or advocating on behalf of customers and their values.

Mean More Score

Find out how relevant your brand is in the marketplace.


Mean More Score® Thought Paper

Ever wonder what your brand means to the marketplace, and how irreplaceable it might be? The Mean More® score can tell you and help track your progress on the way to increased relevance. Our thought paper gives details on what inputs generate a Mean More® score.

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The Mean More® score quantifies your brand's marketplace relevance and irreplaceability. In our study of several top brands, Mean More® scores were more strongly correlated with revenue growth than a simple brand rating or a willingness-to-recommend score.

Brand Typology

Helping marketers understand what their brands do best.


What is the Brand Typology Tool?

We developed the Brand Typology Tool to help give a better sense of your brand's type and its overall marketplace meaning. With this framework in place, you're at a good starting point from which to explore future brand strategy decisions.

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The Brand Typology Tool gives marketers a way to understand a brand’s meaning, and help them uncover opportunities for strengthening it and building even more meaningful connections with customers.

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