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What is a Mean More® score?

What is the Mean More® score?

The Mean More score measures disappointment of being unable to buy or use a brand. In doing so, it focuses on the emotional loss of going without a brand rather than more traditional measures of satisfaction or likelihood of recommending.

How to calculate the Mean More® score


Identify the brand a consumer uses in a category. For example, ask “What auto insurance do you have?”


Quantify the disappointment of having to use a different brand by asking “On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being extremely disappointed and 0 being not disappointed at all, how disappointed would you be if you could not use (brand)?”


Aggregate the disappointment ratings over a group of customers. That is your Mean More score.

Why is a Mean More score important to your brand?

The Mean More scoreis more strongly correlated with revenue growth than other metrics such as an overall brand rating or willingness to recommend.It is more challenging to receive a higher Mean More score, indicating that the metric is capturing something different – and more important – than other brand measures.

Your brand’s Mean More score is an insightful metric to understand the strength of your brand. Learn more about the Mean More score by reading our thought paper.

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