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Could Mentor Branding Benefit Your Food Brand?

When it comes to food, consumers feel strongly that brands should engage in mentor branding activities like providing value-added information, inspirational action, and advocacy.

Our recent brand survey illustrated what issues were most important to consumers and what they expect when it comes to food brands.

Provide Value-added Information

Of the consumers surveyed, 81% said food brands should provide value-added information. Specifically, respondents felt the strongest (54%) about food brands providing information on ways to use the product or service and on how to get the most out of the product or service.

Approximately 41% of survey respondents said brands should provide tools to help customers make better choices for their specific needs while 32% would like to see food brands provide education around topics related to their product or service.

Inspire Customers to Take Positive Action

Customers want to be inspired by food brands. When surveyed, 45% of customers said food brands should inspire customers to be healthier, more financially sound and more organized.

The Meyocks survey showed somewhat less interest in having brands inspire customers in their relationships with others. A third (33%) of consumers want food brands to inspire them to help others outside of their families while 28% of customers felt brands should inspire them to play stronger roles within their families.

Advocate for Issues Important to Consumers

Customers don’t just want to be educated and inspired; in fact, 71% say they want food brands to advocate for causes that are important to them. The top cause category for advocacy, with 43% of respondents agreeing, is the environment. Close behind were local (39%) and national (31%) charitable organizations.

consumers said that food brands should advocate for

What Should Food Brands Do?

Consumers have high expectations for food brands beyond providing quality products and services. They want brands to engage in mentor branding activities, including providing value-added information, inspiring positive action, and advocating for issues that are important to them.

Mentor branding is a good food brand strategy that can earn you loyalty with your customers. Learn more about mentor branding and what it could mean for your food brand.

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