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Farmers and ranchers maintain their livelihood by devoting their lives to feeding the world. It’s a tough business, particularly right now. It’s our job to recognize their reality — by acknowledging their business needs and their unique lifestyle.

It’s our privilege to apply our expertise in agriculture advertising and marketing toward helping agriculture brands communicate their vital messages to these hardworking individuals.

A smart product deserves smart thinking.

It was time to update collateral for Farm Credit Services of America’s line of credit offering, but Meyocks collaborated with our client on even bigger thinking: launching an all-new brand, WorkSmart.

Dragotec Agriculture Marketing Example

Dragotec USA

When it comes to capturing yield, think head first.

Most of the yield loss at harvest happens at the corn head on the combine. Dragotec conducted groundbreaking research that demonstrated the truly differentiating features of Drago corn heads. Meyocks worked with Dragotec to tell their story through digital paid media, PR, grower presentations and collateral programs.

AgChoice Farm Credit Content Marketing Example


Generating leads below cost and above expectations.

Meyocks helped AgChoice Farm Credit execute a digital lead generation and lead nurturing program for rural property loans. The program, which included content marketing as part of lead nurturing, generated leads at costs well below target benchmarks.

Do you have a well-defined brand strategy?

The Marketplace Meaning Guide can help shape your agriculture brand’s marketplace meaning and create a vision for your brand. Elevate your ag advertising and marketing strategies.

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Dragotec GT Agriculture Branding Example

Dragotec USA

Launching the Drago GT corn head.

Corn prices were bottoming out. Ag equipment sales were down, too. That’s why the new GT corn head from Drago needed to be launched with a high-impact ag advertising and marketing campaign that focused on its innovative features, including several that were firsts in the industry.

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As an agriculture advertising and marketing agency, we understand how farmers, ranchers and agribusiness owners relate to ag brands. Whether celebrating American farmers or encouraging them to consider their inputs, we leverage our ag advertising and marketing expertise to connect with their culture in a meaningful way.

Farm Credit Services of America Example

Farm Credit Services of America

Rebuilding a brand-driven website.

When your business model is as unique as Farm Credit Service of America’s, every touchpoint needs to tell your brand story in a compelling way. Meyocks helped create a new website that demonstrated the organization’s dedication to farming and strong commitment to its customer-owners.

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AgDirect Agriculture Branding Example


Reinvigorating a brand.

Color is a key component for the leading brands of ag equipment. So why shouldn’t color be equally important to an equipment lender? Meyocks assisted AgDirect in moving from a monochromatic style to an exciting new — and colorful — design.

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The agriculture clients who trust us to help them mean more.

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