Biolevel Selects Meyocks as Agency of Record

Agency will help introduce bionutrition company to North American ag market

May 2023

United Kingdom-based Biolevel Limited has named Meyocks as agency of record to introduce the bionutrition company and its products to the North American agricultural market.

Biolevel develops and markets unique bionutritional products that enhance nutrient use efficiency by fixing nitrogen and solubilizing nutrients to make them more readily available for a variety of crops. The products help improve soil health, and plant growth and vigor to generate higher yields and better fertilizer ROI.

Biolevel co-founder Laurence Berman says Meyocks will help distill and communicate the benefits of Biolevel products, which have been extensively tested in third-party trials. “We were impressed with Meyocks’ deep experience in agriculture and their approach to brand development,” Berman says.

Meyocks president, Doug Jeske, says the agency is excited to partner with Biolevel. “The potential for Biolevel technology to improve nutrient efficiency and overall productivity is very compelling,” Jeske says. “We’re honored to help craft the Biolevel story and share it with North American producers.”

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