Employer Brand Worksheets | What Is Your Employer Brand

Your brand is correctly focused on connecting with customers. But does it also connect with your prospective and current employees?

Today more than ever it’s important to understand your employer brand. Meyocks has developed a new set of free branding tools to help you reach and mean more to employees.

Define your employer brand with these resources:

  • Prospective Employee Journey — Get a better understanding of prospective employees at every stage of the hiring process and identify the best ways to reach them.
  • Employee Persona — Bring your employee targets to life by defining who they are, where they get their information, what brands are important to them and more.
  • Employer Brand Beliefs — Clarify what your employer brand stands for and why employees buy into it.

Employer Branding

Bring a new level of sophistication to your recruitment and retention processes — download the FREE Employer Brand worksheets.

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