Research Drives UIeCare’s Marketing Strategy

UIeCare, backed by University of Iowa Health Care, allows Iowans to visit with a medical provider via a laptop, smartphone or tablet from nearly anywhere in the state. In promoting this service, our client faced the challenge of marketing a relatively new and unfamiliar concept to the marketplace.


Research conducted by Meyocks on behalf of UIeCare revealed that more than half of people surveyed were unfamiliar with the concept of virtual health care. Once the service was explained, however, convenience emerged as the most appealing attribute.

In addition, 70 percent of people with children had sought care appropriate to a virtual visit for a child in the past 24 months. Based on this, Meyocks recommended targeting moms with young children.


The promise: With UIeCare, moms and their children can get quality care without leaving home.

The campaign conveyed this promise via a television spot to launch the campaign. Based on consumers’ lack of familiarity with virtual care, Meyocks and UIeCare agreed that it was essential to educate the consumer on the nature of service. Using repetition of visuals and wordplay, the spot reinforces that patients can see a doctor online – and the doctor can see them, too.

The spot closes by highlighting the innovative nature of the service through the father’s perspective – showing how its novelty captures his attention, to his own mild detriment.

Mean More Results

The initial broadcast run of the spot has generated 1.5 million impressions to date among our target audience – and supporting elements of the campaign continue to be introduced to the marketplace to further induce trial as the cold and flu season approaches.