Everyone else offers internships. But we’re not like everyone else. And neither are you. At Meyocks, we believe getting real world experience in this industry is ultimately going to mean more for you than just making coffee runs. That’s why we don’t offer internships here. We offer mentorships. And our mentorships are for those who are just as serious about this industry as they are about making a mark in it.

Currently we’re looking for a Motion Graphics & Video Editing Intern to support our video production team. This intern will assist art director in animating graphics that will develop into video projects. Motion graphics work for the internship includes creating interesting movements between artwork, bringing life to artwork, and applying motion effects to on-screen text.

Apply if you’d like to work with brands that are helping improve agriculture, promote nutrition, foster good health and encourage well-being.

In this role you will:

  • Take assets provided to you from the client or art director and create basic animations  
  • Transfer storyboards assets from Illustrator into an After Effects project
  • Create, animate, and edit your own projects with the guidance of the Senior Editor 
  • Assist the Senior Editor with video projects 
  • Assist on video shoots  

You’re right for this role if you have worked in the following Adobe Creative Suite applications:  

  • After Effects  
  • Premiere Pro  
  • Illustrator 

We are looking for someone who is available 10-15 hours per week. Hours are flexible and some work can be done outside of standard business hours. Most work can be done remotely.

Sound like a good fit for you? Please send your resume to Kendra Kelly at for a motion graphics and editing internship that truly means more. 

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